Saturday, February 28, 2009

edward cullen

The angels sing, aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

okay so I was looking through some pictures on our computer and found some pictures of me and my friend Maybree Spilsbury on the computer when she came over to play a loooooong time ago!! She is soo cute!! I think I was about ten and she was about seven or eight.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My grandparents

A couple weeks ago my wonderful grandparents from SanDiego came out to watch us while my mom and dad went to Catalina island. We decided to go to the park to pass some time away.
Hunter would try so hard to reach the bar and after he was at the end of his rope he figured out how to climb and reach it. Then he reached it and realized it was so rusted it wouldn't move.

Then he decided to move on after he got frustrated. He loved the slide thing on the playground. We tried to take shots of him right before he touched the ground.

Abbey was happily frolicling in the field.

Then hunter decided to try the pony-my favorite thing in a park believe it or not- until he sprang back so hard me got sand on his hair.

Madyson was all for the swings. Ever since she learned how to do it at her school she had to show off to her grandparent's.

And here is the famous grandparents-on my moms side of the family- dazed and not payin attention.

Abbey got bored with running so she upgraded to the pony also......

and then the jungle gym.

cutest picture of her ever!!


On Halloween i did the most blobe moment of my entire life. I tripped over a gate, fell, and cracked my face open. My whole face blew up like a basketball and i had to go to the urgent care and get liquid stiches. In the next couple of days it got really nasty and my eye got all black and blue and yellow. My mom got to thinking that Iwas either having an allergic reation or it was getting infected. So my mom took me to the doctor to see if it was either and the doctor said it was infected. My mom then got a referal to a plastic surgen. we went to the ER this morning at 9:00 am and they couldn't take me, so they sent me to a plastic surgen office all the way out in paradise valley. Then we finally got to see the doctor after 2 hours and he didnt take my insurance. Soooo he transfered me to another hospital where Ifinally got worked on. They had to take the entire thing off and restich it. It was a nightmare!! We finally got home at 5:30 at night, and Iskipped the entire day at school. These pictures are before i got restiched. I told everyone at school I got

beat up and everyone beleived it!!


Okay, so I got invited to go to the Jonas brothers, Demi Lavato, Christi Yamaguchi, -it's a long list- Jordan pruitt, and many other famous ice skaters, on ice, concert, all in one night. Not to mention we had our own private suite and with some of my best friends. So yes, it was pretty awesome!! My friend, Mariah's, uncle works at a radio station and has the total hookup.

above is demi,jordan,and joe bros on the stage!!

The Joe Bro's!

This is me, my friend Mariah with the brown hair, and my friend Brittany in the blue.

And this was actually in the beggining of the show where all the iceskaters come out with all of their kids-if you can see them the kids are in the chairs- when the Jonas brothers sing.

*****Thank you Mariah and Brittany for such a great girls nite out!*****

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I know these pics are kinda blurry but I love twilight!! I have read them all and when I finished Breaking Dawn I was so frustrated because I didn't have a good book to read. So now I'm reading twilight again. My whole soccer team I totally obsessed too so it awesome to discuss the book with friends. I'm just having the hardest time believing that Edward is a fictional character!! Cant wait till the movie comes out!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

camp out!

The other day I was bored and me and alex decided to get out the little tent we got from christmas in 3rd grade for the girls. When we set it up we were not exactlly sure how big it was going to be. Once we got it up we Hunter decided to join us.

We tried to take a little picture of all of us so i put my camera on a timer to take it. We were all squished to fit it in the picture but it turned out pretty cute.

It was right around lunch time so we also had brought snacks and ate lunch in ther. Thankfully it wasnt that hot that day. Thank you siblings for once not being a pain in the butt.